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El Bondzu 11/29/2003

Ibanez UV7 : El Bondzu's user review


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So here, after buying a K-7 3 weeks ago, I will speak of the love of my life as a musician: the Universe UV7 Bk, that of the photo above.
I bought new in 1992 at a price of 7900 francs (on sale).
First 7 string series and derived from the Jem in the form of his body tieuille American (without Monkey Grip), its maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and its vast LoPro Edge tremolo, it's great stuff. She is very well finished (it was a real luxury in those days), sutout handle very large, 7th chords forces, but an end, and jumbo frets Dunlop, extremely well placed and finished.
The body is black but the 3 DiMarzio Blaze II (2 doubles, 1 single), the pots of volume and tone, the marks on the button, the border around the pickguard and the fluorescent green screen is I think the only thing to look questionable, but hey, when you love ... for more info." rel="ugc noopener" target="_blank">


The transition from 6 to 7 strings did not ask any particular problem. Having no large hands, the width and the smoothness of the handle are not annoying. In addition, non-stick coating is very pleasant to the touch. The ergonomics is good although we quickly realized that it is then a very special machine.


Plugged it on any amp, good or large casserole, it will always sound good, even vacuum is good! She is currently given a tone lower with 060 for the serious, and distortion (a Marshall JCM900) is clean and huge! Even the clean sounds on the intermediate positions of the 5-way switch are clean and shiny. But it's still scheduled for serious!


When the strings are nazes, I retune in E, the K-7 will remain below 1 ton.
In almost 12 years, I have never regretted that choice because it's my main guitar. She aged really well and I can not get enough.
All playing techniques and most styles of music nickel pass even if it is anyway for the metal.

Listen Korn among others, Steve Vai, and Dream Theater Fear Factory and you will understand what it's all about, or go to for more info.