Jackson Slat 3-7 Soloist Archtop 7 String
Jackson Slat 3-7 Soloist Archtop 7 String

Slat 3-7 Soloist Archtop 7 String, Electric solidbody baritone or 7/8 string guitar from Jackson in the MG series.

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olwe telrunya77 03/01/2011

Jackson Slat 3-7 Soloist Archtop 7 String : olwe telrunya77's user review

«  the 7-string for ultimate metal »

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Here SLAT 3-7, which is part of the MG series.

The maple neck through alder body (with maple veneer on translucent finishes), it has 24 frets and a rosewood fingerboard. The guitar features a Floyd Rose double locking black.

The microphone is an EMG ® 81-7 for the bridge and an EMG ® 707 for the handle.

A volume knob, one tone.


The handle is hell, it's actually the best round of seven-string I've tried.

But I had a Vigier, a musicman ... and I put it without problems in the same category, and I'll add that I prefer even the handle of this guitar for its playability ...

The guitar has a great balance, standing, sitting, no problem (and not too heavy).
Access to acute, like no problem.


The sound is pretty versatile, you can do everything with a preference for the Metal of course.
The bass strings with the password if nickel distortion in a mix, really on top (which is far from true of all 7 strings)
It sounds very clean, excellent in distortion and clear sound.
It sounds great with tube amp or modeling.

I would add also that the accuracy is just perfect.


I used 1 year +.
She gave her best even in concert or studio.
This is the best 7 string I've had (though former owner of a musicman, Shecter, Vigier ...).
The handle is really an amazing playability.

For those who already play on a sl2ht soloist, c is the same, with 7 strings, ie a guitar super playable (very close to the ESP as well), which sounds very versatile for any sound. c is what was missing in their catalog, and finally a 7 string jackson of very good quality.
As endorsers Jackson I could get the guitar a few months before its release, and I am surprised at the current selling price that defies all concurrent (1300 euro on thomann).