Jackson Christian Olde Wolbers DK7
Jackson Christian Olde Wolbers DK7

Christian Olde Wolbers DK7, Electric solidbody baritone or 7/8 string guitar from Jackson in the Pro Series Artist Signature series.

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Mamack 07/26/2005

Jackson Christian Olde Wolbers DK7 : Mamack's user review


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7-string guitar body and neck screws mahogany ebony factory in Japan, 24 frets with a single micro emg 707, a single volume knob,
through-string, IF NO setting on the volume
The handle is reversed, large enough (since c is a 7-string)


The neck is quite flat trs enjoyable, no varnish glue, the ACCS is good for acute
The ergonomics are well balanced and good enough Legre
the sound is good punchy trs emg active forces the 707 works really well I would say that it has more potatoes than the emg 81 that I have on another guitar


The sound is really heavy and punchy j I changed the original drawing of which I found somewhat flexible, but c is a matter of taste and games
The sustain is really good (thanks to the through-string) the types of sounds are not many SINCE THERE that one microphone but we do ask him any more, it is made for big sound


I have the last two weeks and am really happy with my purchase
What I like particularly is the fact that c it is pure vraimen no marks on the handle of a single microphone, a button
value for the price is good, an average of 800 euro (500 euro more for color camouflage ....) I do it again the same purchase in the category of 7-string guitar