Lâg Stephan Forté S1000SF
Lâg Stephan Forté S1000SF

Stephan Forté S1000SF, Electric solidbody baritone or 7/8 string guitar from Lâg in the Signature series.

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phnx 11/25/2010

Lâg Stephan Forté S1000SF : phnx's user review

«  Not satisfied at all ... »

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Voil its characteristics (rcupr the black box on the site):

7 Reverse Design Lg head, with maple flamm Lg logo and signature Stphan Fortbr /> Mcaniques High precision
Nut head self-locking Floyd Rose system 7
Rod rglage Double meaning
Channel 7 string Maple (Hard Maple), vissbr /> Ebne Button
27 frets, Silver-Nickel, Jumbo
Signature repres Stphan Fort box 12
Maple body with maple table flamm dyed threads on mahogany body
Pickups 2 double coil pickups DiMarzio Stephan Fortbr /> Bridge Floyd Rose 7 strings
Electronics 1 volume, 1 Tone with Push-Pull (split), slecteur microphones 3 positions
Black Satin fittings
Gloss Varnish
Elixir strings 10-46 + 60
Arkane Croco Pouch Case
Seen from dreaming but made this guitar (my model anyway) was far from fulfilling these requirements (functionally speaking). A not: unlike diffuse specs, she sold t pulling 10-46 + 56 so I could almost take shoulder strap ... The .60 is a minimum for Si serious.


What can I say, it will now pass more time for service as Lg home.

From what little I've used it looked fine but the handle is fine as it should and rather pleasant. For cons, the game is pretty Stephan typ is to say that because of the 27 frets, 2 microphones are extremely NEAR TO. It does not suit you if you refuse to adapt your game so.

For cons, the microphones slecteur me has remained between fingers after 1h of Use Bond ... back to SAV Lg that made me a month later with a ... bad contact with the jack ente ... (suddenly I'm currently taken srieux doubts Contrle their quality.


Scraper-type metal clearly, but other styles should be playable :)
As long as your mics do not grsillent (which n'tait not the case for mine ...) you can enjoy a powerful sound (I play on Marshall MG 100).

At first, my problem was to slecteur directly or indirectly the cause of Introduced grsillement output microphones ...


My biggest mistake t will choose the Corenne production model (1400 instead of 3200 around an original Bdarieux factory).
The finish is not already top view but I think I played bad luck by choosing a model that Arussi God knows how to pass quality-controlling Lg .. .dropoff window

A little of their service also, bought a new model that presents many default is dj limit, but I make it with further problems ( loose connection between jack ... depending on the orientation of the cable you sound ... or not) I find a little abuse.

Sr not I do this choice, ah ah!