tof* 04/01/2006

Music Man John Petrucci 7 : tof*'s user review


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For the features I refer to the explanations already given by the previous post or the site of American luthier, he is full of all the details (the site of the official French importer


This is a 7-string ... there is a small adjustment period for someone who has never practiced this type of instrument, you get lost just starting ... (This is the case for all 7 strings in any case).

Channel: obviously it's a highway, that file alone. Wood is beautiful, without varnish. I was nervous it is a little thicker than 6 strings, is wider but even if so we do not feel. Access to the highs is optimal and allows to reach the box on the 24th that serious.
Knobs: go we will quibble a bit ... 1st point: I find the micro switch a little hard, it is difficult to switch quickly. 2nd point: not the fingers of ET as a Vai or Petrucci, access to the volume knob with a finger is a bit difficult (a bit hard to aa type effects violin échaînés quickly).
vibrato: used to the floyd, the system proposed here is beacoup simpler and equally robust. Longer need his hammer and his drill to retune (anyway it does not go out of tune). Having chosen a set of strings to pull lower than that installed for the purchase, we had to play with the tremolo springs to align with the table. After this little work you can go frankly, it is.

The beast is not all light and after 2 hours standing on is not disappointed to put it on his knees to rest the shoulder. Nothing insurmountable, however.

For the sake of my little knob and switch, I was confined to a 9 / 10 (I make the difficult).


If it suits my style of music?? I think not buy the scratch by accident ... Friends of metal and prog guitar at the DT is the worthy representative of this style. This means especially made for the big sound but also completely versatile, able to clear out the very hot on the neck pickup, very slammin in an intermediate position, etc ...
I use it on a very modest Hughes & Kettner 80W associated with the best-selling Boss GT6, I arrive at a result very correct. With the proper amp (mesa, engl, laney or equivalent ...) the monster scream it right (my next purchase ...). How fortunate that a good agreement if serious distortion in depth!
But it is enough to make a CD of DT in the plate to take full face and understand the power of the instrument (of course he plays it with a Hughes & Kettner him ...).


It's been a few months I use it. After the terror of the amount spent, we have nothing but fun playing with. I must say that it will take breaking the bank (or even rob a bank) to access the dream, but the price of excellence, the guitar for life ... To the envy and for show, I got 20% discount, it is always to know the seller of the store ...
I hesitated between the 7-string Ibanez Vai and Petrucci, but on the advice of the vendor I chose the latter. He said the best 7 string on the market ... (I have not tested enough to say). I would do without any concern that choice, I tell myself that even if the mood took me to buy a 6 string (which should happen pretty quickly ...) I will turn to again Musicman (a silhoutte or Morse) we do not change a winning team.
I'm going to throw out my other models, once you have tasted the luxury that difficult to put your hands on the lower end!
One final point: for a lighter price, I advise you not to take options such as "race marked JP" and "head of the same color as the body" or "mystic dream finish." As for the micro piezo, it is up to you ... I did not take a lack of resources but it's well worth.