Fender Jag-Stang
Fender Jag-Stang

Jag-Stang, Electric solidbody guitar with JZ/JG body from Fender.

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raph18 11/01/2004

Fender Jag-Stang : raph18's user review


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I have one myself in the first edition, that s not the reissue so ...

I in fiesta red (the red reedition a'l'orange turns while on the first edition the red "Ferrari"). Japanese level is excellent workmanship, to have it disassemble I can say that the finishes are more caring than my strat US standard ... and yes the Yanks take on the seed.

vibrato is a shit let's be clear it does not hold the tuning, so I blocked.
electronics is the same as a mustang on the 3-position switch (off / parallel / DC) + 2 tone and volume pots

22 round boxes gloss.

Round end that fits tremendously little hand, my own personal small but are not used to it.

the shape is unique ca instead of the usual forms stratodes.

for her I changed the bridge pickup to a Seymour Duncan SH6 Distortion in clean c'estpas unpleasant especially with two microphones.

Punk, rock, alternative rock hard but the refrain ...

I play a fender rock pro 1000 combo (preamp lamps) on a 4 HP celestion speaker marshal: ca depot. I use a ds2 too.

the sound is pretty cradingue perfect for grunge and punk, is obtained in clean warm sound very nice, as is being quite slamming.

I have 6 years I think I love her she's beautiful finish is exemplary and is not expensive ...