Fender Jag-Stang
Fender Jag-Stang

Jag-Stang, Electric solidbody guitar with JZ/JG body from Fender.

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mangazone76 10/26/2004

Fender Jag-Stang : mangazone76's user review


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Made in Japan, it has a maple neck with 22 frets in a rosewood fingerboard, profile "C"
cot a simple fender pickups "sp" (handle) and a double fender "Santa Anna" (bridge)
easel "dynamic fender" floating
BASSWOOD body, switch 2 (1 for each microphone) 1 volume and 1 tone

The handle is extra! It is very short, easy to grip, I find it awesome (c probably the best part of the guitar).
each access to acute nickel, it has a good balance sitting or standing inches too high (normal koi!)
bemol it yours too tuning in. (c kan even boring)

Perfect for grunge, punk, hard.je played on a marshall all lamps.
main drawback of this skyscraper: the micro! double its still happening in saturation (the drool) well for simple rythmique.le euhh .. EHJV inches (in a skyscraper for solo).
its clear it could still go missing is sorely potato and precision.
against it by a huge sustain!
I've changed the pickups, DiMarzio Kurt used a super distortion (twice) and a fender texas sp (just) so I have put a DiMarzio DP100 biensur super distortion and a DiMarzio dp174 red velvet (which is a version improves with more potato's fender texas sp).
with mics I must say ke was something else, it sounds serious (his real nirvana) in saturation as in the clear, warm, genial potato koi!

I have since May 2004 I find it fun with his blue shit (I love!) Form is original.
was my 4th so I just scratched easily compare it with DiMarzio has nothing to envy to my yamaha 812w (which as of Duncan) if not a re-tuning is left to each bag! lol at price c is correct, it was entitled to the same gig bag fender nickel.pour me it is a guitar collector (yes bah fan ...) then I regret to have buy in. .. but the veer microphones!!