Squier Vista Jagmaster
Squier Vista Jagmaster

Vista Jagmaster , Electric solidbody guitar with JZ/JG body from Squier in the Vista series.

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Cdt. Marcos 02/05/2007

Squier Vista Jagmaster : Cdt. Marcos's user review


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I see that there are no reviews for this gem! Well I'll give you mine!
I have this guitar since 1998 (or 1999 I do not know too much) and I never quits you hear me NEVER!

Fender Japan factory output, it is not comparable with the following model after Korea.
It's a Jazzmaster body (in Linden) to which is attached a handle so shorter than Jaguar Stratocaster, fun to play, 22 boxes. With a standard Fender tremolo (Start type) was always less than the two dynamic models which it is inspired, but it also has its charm ...

Originally, it was of poor quality 2 doubles, with a type selector stupid Les Paul. For my part, they quickly learned; I opted for a Gibson 496 in handle (hell!) And Di Marzio Evolution bridge (nice for the nag).
But this guitar is far from being exclusive, so I want a rack mount history of more than P90 to exploit its capabilities (I'm frankly tired of the humbucker ', from the Gibson still must say tears his mother's grave).

The handle is very comfortable to play, you feel comfortable at. Access to treble is not as simple as the junction with the body is still mastoque (Fender ...) and last not very large boxes.

The guitar is heavy, because his body is basswood and maple neck, there are lighter.
As for sound ... Well you plug it sounds. T'enclenches the saturation, it sounds. Basically, whatever you do it sounds!

It is very suitable to my desert-rock grungeo noisy (in addition to her in the face of employment).
With two doubles against by, hard to make it sound funky slamming, but can be run with the P90 in I get there ... As I said earlier, it remains flexible and versatile!

At the time, I paid 4000 CHF was not given, but I do not regret it (except maybe to have purchased from Total Guitar that I have delivered all oxidized and fully disordered it was unplayable ... 'stripped of capitalists!).
Anyway, I assume that the favorite premium on the price, since I cracked, I certainly would do cchoix thousands of times if necessary!