Roland TD-3 Module
Roland TD-3 Module

TD-3 Module, Electronic Drum Module from Roland in the TD series.

ksa 10/10/2007

Roland TD-3 Module : ksa's user review


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MODEL is the entry level in the v-SERIES td drums. He has 32 drum kits, entries for the kick, the snare, 3 toms, 3 cymbals, 1 hihat + controller. It is equipped with a midi in and midi out one (it does not support nanmoins song position, select, clock, etc.)..

basically, it can serve three things (well I see it as a car I did that for three days - nanmoins, dj I know by heart the device - say it is false not very complicated. And the manual is clear enough so ...

Then three things:
1. converter pulse give noon
2. Kits V-Drums
3. exercise of precision and with the coach mode endurence

Well, do exercises, I do not know I have not test ...
Sounds are unfortunately a cry, the reverb (room) intgre does not catch anything. I vote no trs what I can do with it, personally, it is cold (even cold at times), horribly empty, finally it has little prt such that all modules of range). Otherwise, it's a pad converter / triggers - noon (Channel 10) trs well, it is even better than the product ddi at the same manufacturer (TMC-6), slightly less expensive (like 30 euros) and with only 6 inputs (!) against 9 for the TD3 and therefore no sound. So yes ok, sounds shit on this MODEL, but hey ca can always TFW dpanner time a track live sampler if the pte? (No, that's absurd! ) Say they can train on vacation with without having to take the computer or sampler. It dbrouille both trigger A drumkit that religious pads, the rglages are enough (curve Veloci level, pan, sensitivity type, the options that liminent vibration, etc.. ..) of course we must always adapt qand we move on pad or skins but hey you can muffle all the same just adjust the module's game, or rather, the sensitivity of the module has its sensitivity.

So it is not bad, not too expensive, a little plastoc all of the same sounds and with zero. However it 9 between pad / trigger and many rglages.