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moosers 07/06/2010

Simmons SDS 8 : moosers's user review


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The Simmons SDS 8 is an electronic drum machine that I believe was made and was popular in the 1980's. It's definitely a unique style of drum machine, especially when compared to something like an MPC. I haven't fully mastered using the SDS 8 at all, as every time I've used it I seem to pick up new things about it. I've really only had a few chances to play around with it, as we have one on hand at the studio that I currently work at. As far as it's make up goes, it's got five main channels for bass drum, snare drum, and three tom tom drums. Each of the five drum channels has a whole ton of parameters to work with, including those for volume, pan, click, balance, decay, bend, pitch, filter, and sensitivity. Each also has a button for triggering the sound. The master control section has parameters for left and right channel volume, and for overall mix level. It definitely makes a big difference how you set the parameters, as the channels are capable of sounding nothing like what they say they should be for sure. While by modern standards the Simmons SDS 8 might sound cheesy, it's definitely got it's own distinct sound and place and time. There's a lot more that you can do with this drum machine that I definitely haven't delved into yet, as I don't have too much time at the studio to play with this. If you're interested in drum machines in general, you should definitely know about the line of Simmons drums machines in general, as these things were definitely loved and revered in their own time. They're still really cool to play around with and can definitely bring a lot to the table if you know how to use it.