Millenium MPS-300
Millenium MPS-300

MPS-300, Electronic Drum Kit from Millenium.

maddam 11/17/2004

Millenium MPS-300 : maddam's user review


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Hi All!


I give a little warning to all those who consider to buy this kit ...
I have a roland td 8, and I said to myself rather than buying a roland pad suplmentaire, why not buy the MPS 300. The case had the good air, 2-week time limit Thomann ... the brief excitation of a new purchase and finally rception and dballage:
- Nothing to say on the packaging is perfect ... (But we got a little crazy as koi ..)
- The rack is mounted when it was more or less easily, but is solid trs (c the best thing about being 1 / 10).
- The Toms: Beware of the real c * $ $! dplorable quality, trs noisy! , Trs variable dclenchement poor quality (you need to type the middle to get sound max), no return of the wand, the skin on the tom is that to hide a conventional pad ...
- Cymbals: same quality as the toms, a plastic two francs, dclanchement shabby, but far less noisy than the toms.

Voila, I really wanted to warn the prospective buyer some who read this chapter of the quality of this kit.
I saw one article that combines the kit has TD3 TD6 or, in my opinion, it is better now take good old rubber pad, rather than the toms Shabby and noisy in this kit, it will be much better quality !
I sold my kit mps300 to buy me pads yamaha base (39) and Roland PD8 (69) These are TRUE batterrie pads, this has nothing to do.

Here is my c'tait pitit geule shot on the MPS300 kit is truly "made in Tawan" in the negative sense, the worst of worlds pads. I had the impression of flight t qd especially a tom I'm saying disassemble a skin to see that this is only a dclencheur (rotten) CACH derrire skin!
DO NOT BUY (this is my personal opinion ...)