Millenium Mesh Head / TD-3 Set
Millenium Mesh Head / TD-3 Set

Mesh Head / TD-3 Set, Electronic Drum Kit from Millenium.

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JCGreen 03/13/2009

Millenium Mesh Head / TD-3 Set : JCGreen's user review


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It's good material. I bought it in January 2009. The rack is solid and I found enough class. There is no manual but with a picture that's enough. Drums with skins is meshed really well to achieve the feeling of an acoustic and they are certainly less noise than rubber pads!
The VH11 going pretty well on the TD3 module (semi-open positions) I was expecting worse! except the kicking game on the hihat, which is poorly detected I find (when you press the pedal to the beat of the hi-hat without playing with chopsticks).
I think the price / quality ratio is unbeatable when compared with prices of Roland. In addition they are 10 and 12 inch barrels.
I am very happy.