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[NAMM] Pearl E-Kit

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Pearl E-Pro Live
News Pearl E-Pro Live

Electronic Drum Kit from Pearl belonging to the E-Pro series

Pearl Corporation's new E-Pro Live is an electronic drumset that looks, feels, and sounds like real drums, according to the company.

The real look of the E-Pro Live starts with the real sizes of the drums. The set features 10", 12" and 14" toms, a 14" snare drum, and a 20" bass drum, so the drummer no longer has to change their playing mechanics to adjust to a set full of 8" practice pads.

The next component contributing to the real look of the drums is the real wood shells. Pearl shells, drum hardware and drum finishes adorn both versions of E-Pro Live. Two finishes are available: Pearl’s new Artisan II finish, available in a Quilted Maple fade, and a black wrap.

What makes the E-Pro Live drumset truly different than other electronic drumsets, the company says, is the “real feel and response from the pads”. Pearl’s Tru-Trac Electronic Heads feature dual-zones that reproduce all of the intricacies the drummer is used to hearing when you play an acoustic drum. The smooth coating on the heads makes moving from drum to drum fast and easy, Pearl says.

The cymbals featured on the E-Pro Live are Pearl’s E-Classic high-end electronic cymbals, made with real brass. Traditional rubber EPC2 cymbals are also available. Both sets feature a 3-zone ride, a crash, and a set of super responsive hi-hats.

E-Pro Live is actually two kits in one. Replace the Tru-Trac heads with acoustic heads and swap out the cymbals, and you have a quality Pearl acoustic drumset that is ready to handle any musical situation, the company says.

For more information, visit www.pearldrum.com.
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