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DubiousDubs 12/02/2011

Simmons SD9K : DubiousDubs's user review

"Typical mediocre set, but useful in adding to a rig"

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Electronic drumsets used to be considered a fad. Nothing more, but I disagree. To me, they fill a void in a good player’s arsinal, one which cannot be filled without accepting and embrasing the electronic drum trigger and furthermore, the electronic drumset.
That is not to say that all these sets are the same, of the same caliber, of similar quality, capacity alike. That is much not the case, as this perticular set plain out is horrible alone. More on that later.
I was loaned this set some years ago when my buddy went off to Europe on tour. I figured what the heck, this would make a great practice set for me to jam quietly on and finally not annoy the apartment neighbors. I was wrong. The tapping noises from these heads is louder than some snare drum hits, i kid you not.
The kit claims to have over 700 “sounds” which it does, however only 20 or so were nice. Of them, all of them were generic and sounded like utter trash. That’s ok though, because frankly, what sounds lame can be used properly, as I did.
With this in mind, I decided to do what Neil Peart did, integrate this kit into my main set. By and far, this was the best decision I ever made. This allowed me to trigger sounds while using my main set and sound like a full complete drummer section. Percussion was never the same. I was able to use the “cheesy” sounds as a plus for once, and this made me very happy as a drummer, as I was embracing a not so shiny past in a new way.
All in all, for a beginner set, this is a nice unit, however, when you get better and purchase a real set, don’t be so quick to get rid of these, try to integrate them into your new rig, because differentiation as a drummer is never a bad thing.