Akai EWI4000S
Akai EWI4000S

EWI4000S, Electronic Wind Instrument from Akai in the EWI series.

wphantom 11/23/2006

Akai EWI4000S : wphantom's user review


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- How long have you use it?
I ewi4000s for 2 months.

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
This instrument offers many possibilities. The expressiveness when you start mastering all possible parameters controllable in real time is huge.
Sounds internal dcevront some because they are on a bass synthse analog. Also, the goal is not to imitate / mulate real acoustic instrument. Against by the sounds that can come out can be really gniaux. An editor PC / Mac comes to permetre to program other. This process is facilitated by the function to blend two sounds if you select your existing dj gnres 100 new sounds that sounds custom settings mlangent previous ones. There is more that the costs to see if there is one that looks like what you are looking ...

Also the only least in my opinion the lack of sound "acoustic" but clearly it's advertised trs. If you want the sound amule must either buy a keyboard or sound module (like the Yamaha IDAL vl70m trs but expensive) or else play the VSTi (or other samplers) via MIDI by logging on PC.

- Report qualitprix trs is good even if it is not given. The bte inspires confidence, the audio section is nickel (not a breath). Akai offers currently rgulirement of updating the firmware (it TRANSFR via midi) that adds new functions (accumulation of finger trumpets, assignment of the mouth or glides a control CCmidi choice ...).

There is a yahoo group or AkaiEWI guys at akai much are proposals to add functions ....

I would do without this choice hsiter seen the quality of bte but we must be honest, the sax passage of this new instrument is not automatic. Fingers is not a pb but it is a long work for any mastery ....