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Cycling'74 Max 5 Update

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Cycling'74 Max/MSP 5

Cycling '74 recently updated Max to v5.1.5.


Bug Fixes and New Features:

  • jit.matrix: fix for read message problem with absolute path.
  • combine: fix for crashes caused when the number of items in a list to a given inlet overflowed the number of inlets.
  • vst~: fixed crashes when hosting NI’s Kontakt plug-in.
  • Fixed the suspend object.
  • (Windows) Ctrl + '.' no longer stops scheduler when max is in the background.
  • vectral~: fix for premature cutouts on Intel processors.
  • live.step: down message works as expected when display_seq is set to All.
  • Double clicking on a bogus poly~ no longer causes crashes.
  • levelmeter~ displays the marker color properly.
  • levelmeter~'s shadow respects needle transparency.
  • textbutton no longer crashes when text is empty.
  • nslider stores empty state in pattr (polyphonic mode).
  • live.guilib: objects’ default values with non standard ranges are properly initialized when initial_enable is not set.
  • Fix for jitter crash with Spanish language chosen for Regional setting on Windows.
  • pattrstorage: scroll positions retained when rebuilding client and storage windows.
  • pattrstorage: setting 'active’ state no longer causes a complete client/storage window redraw.
  • sfplay~ can now open audio files with long names.
  • buffer~ updates number of channels on import.
  • live.gain~ colors can be customized.
  • Patch cords are deselected when switching to presentation mode thus preventing accidental cord deletion or floating diamonds.
  • File browser: fixed 'reveal in finder’ function for items displayed in a folder listing.
  • Toolbar buttons change state immediately after clicking now.
  • bpatcher: de-encapsulating a subpatcher in an MRO’d view of a bpatcher works.
  • pattr: error message on @bindto failure restored.
  • vst~: fixed operation of the default plug-in.
  • vst~: editor window for the default plug-in now displays correct gain values.
  • vst~: the generic interface (for plug-ins with no ui) now updates the value column when the parameters are changed.
  • file browser: file information in the preview area is now accurate when browsing nested sub-folders.
  • buffer~: read message with only 2 arguments imports the number of channels specified in the sound file header.
  • js: Eliminated a source of GC-related memory leakage when querying Patcher object properties.
  • jsliveapi: eliminated random crashing in GC code.
  • poly~ no longer crashes when the patchername message has a bad argument.
  • cellblock: A –1/-1 entry eliminates the visible cell selection.
  • “; max showclue” displays the clue window in runtime and standalones (for objects which have annotation attributes set).
  • jit.openexr includes Cg frameworks automatically when making a standalone.
  • jit.gl.text2d: fix for memory leak.
  • pattr: eliminated potential memory corruption when bound objects are re-instantiated.
  • Fixed saving from a subpatcher in an abstraction that was edited by issuing the MRO command on a new view of a bpatcher.
  • Closing top-level-patcher when an abstraction is open, MRO’d and dirty now gives the user a choice of what to do (save, discard, cancel).
  • svg files are properly included in a collective.
  • jit.gl.text2d: more memory leak fixes.
  • Fix for possible crash showing clue window on startup.
  • Fix for warning message called on invalid object messages when jitter objects are instantiated but jitter is not authorized.
  • Fix for crashes when loading jit.vcr or jit.gl.asyncread when jitter is not authorized.
  • loadbang in patcher containing poly~ no longer fires inappropriately first time the poly~ reloads its patcher.
  • Disabling the debugger now restores original overdrive setting automatically.
  • jit.conway:fix for divide by zero crashes with birthmark enabled.
  • Watchpoints and breakpoints are disabled for a device open in the MFL editor to avoid crashes.
  • When Debug is enabled and an MFL device is open in the editor the debugger will now ignore any breakpoints or watchpoints that are hit from the scheduler thread.
  • DSP Status patcher is now automatically included in a standalone application.
  • Window getsize -> thispatcher now works before subpatcher or abstraction window is opened for a first time.
  • Preset can now store large multisliders.
  • Large multislider no longer crashes when recalled by a preset object through send/receive.
  • jit.vcr: fix for crash when Jitter is not authorized.
  • Fixed crash when a jgraphics context is deleted before all pushed jgraphics state objects have been restored.
  • jweb: better clipping behavior, particularly within bpatchers.
  • Removed some Rewire errors.
  • text: fix for the 'editwith’ message following the opening of a file using the dialog to open the file.
  • jweb: eliminate potential crashes on OSX when closing patcher window.
  • pattr: eliminate crash when receiving 'bindto’ with no argument.
  • windows: no longer drops sysex messages when too many are received too quickly.
  • cellblock: Fix calculations for horizontal scrolling boundaries.
  • parameters: new attribute to toggle deferral of automation and remote control output to the GUI thread; off by default, this attribute can be used to reduce the frequency of value changes resulting from automation and significantly reduce processor load. In combination with the new parameter_speedlim attribute, device developers now have fairly comprehensive control over the automation of their parameters.
  • Fix for CoreAudio support for Tascam US-1641.
  • filtergraph~ now has a hfgcolor attribute to set the highlight foreground color.
  • cellblock: Improve vertical and horizontal cell visibility calculations.
  • cellblock: Implement new 'automouse’ attribute and message to disable mouse-drag scrolling.
  • live.observer: the typed-in property argument was getting lost under certain circumstances.
  • file browser: hyperlinks for opening the help patcher or ref page appear properly in the file preview for objects.
  • file browser: double-clicking an object’s name in file browser will open that object’s help patcher.
  • jit.gl.texture/slab: fix for errors when recreating contexts with floating point textures that are read back to jit.matrix.
  • jit.gl.texture/slab: fix for memory leak when reading back to jit.matrix.
  • jit.gl.texture/slab: fix for floating point resolution issues.
  • jit.gl.texture/slab: uninitialized memory fix (occasionally led to mysterious non-reproducible problems).
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