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Outsim Updates SynthMaker

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Outsim SynthMaker

Outsim has announced the release of SynthMaker v1.1.3.

This release is all about fixes and enhancements to get the software on a sounder footing, the company says. The way that Float, Int and Boolean components integrate with stream sections has been changed; this is designed to make the initialization of sound processes much faster and so vastly decreases the potential for clicks when you play a note. Another issue that had the developers tied in knots for a while is a change to the way that hops work – this was the culprit for many of the clicking problems that some people were having.

There are a few small enhancements. For example, pasting will now occur at the mouse position and text and code components retain their scroll positions, Outsim says. However, the focus of this release is about improving stability.

Updated Modules:
  • Multi Stage Envelope
  • Routing Matrix
  • ADSR
  • AHD
  • D
  • R
  • Poly Readout
  • Mono Readout
  • VSTi

Additions and Fixes, according to Outsim:
  • Locking the preset manager was preventing program names from being changed.
  • Stopped a crash that could occur in several hosts when using Preset Strings.
  • Fixed an automation bug that was causing hanging in Live and other hosts.
  • Corrected a problem where loading fxp’s in FL Studio and Live would not update the plugin GUI.
  • Improved the new 'paste at mouse’ behaviour to cope better when the mouse is not in the view.
  • Closed off a number of potential memory overwrites when strings were being returned to the VST host.
  • Exported exes were showing output connectors in the GUI.
  • Fixed a problem with sustain not working correctly when 'Using Samples’ was selected on MIDI to Poly module.
  • Fixed the note sticking problem that can occur when killing, editing or changing preset while playing.
  • Resolved an issue where mouse input can get lost when running an exported exe on a second monitor.
  • Plugged a memory leak that can occur when using the Font component with a Font name that isn’t on the host system.
  • Corrected the paste at mouse position so that pasting into synced modules occurs at the correct positions.
  • Fixed a problem with String to String Array conversion that was skipping blank entries.
  • Fixed the 'font problem’ where loading was very slow if the number of system fonts was high.
  • Improved stability with MIDI CC’s triggering redraws in multiple threads.
  • Corrected a problem with PPQPos which was causing plugins on separate threads to go out of sync.
  • Paste now pastes to mouse position – hold Alt while pasting to paste to same position as you copied from.
  • Updated the VSTi module to include the new ADSR.
  • Fixed a problem with ASIO buffers that was introduced in the beta1 release and could cause clicking.
  • Fixed a problem with recompile after selector switches which was causing clicking.
  • Improved protection of data in exported plugins and exes.
  • Completely re-wrote the process for initializing memory used when Floats, Ints and Booleans are used in code sections. – This reduces the CPU hit when a new sound process is created vastly reducing the potential for clicking.
  • Changed the way that the hops work so as to reduce clicking that can be heard in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed possible crashes when connecting Float, Int or Booleans into poly & mono sections at same time.
  • Fixed a problem with VST Parameter Arrays which when resized cause crashes, particularly in Reaper.
  • As a result of the hop issue the de-zipper wasn’t sometimes initing correctly on first sample for exported vsts causing strange results.
  • Added an option in Advanced settings to switch float displays to show the exact representation used 'behind the scenes’.
  • Extended the width of the readout modules to accommodate extra precision detail needed.
  • Fixed a crash that occurs with the MIDI Out component when selecting devices that are being used by another – application.
  • When changing ASIO settings within SM the changes were not being reflected until the application was restarted.
  • Fixed a problem with using streams through a multiplexer which was causing crashes on re-links.
  • Text and Code components now maintain their scroll position when you click away.
  • The Wave Table component was using an insufficient number of tables for larger waveforms. This resulted in poor quality particularly on lower frequency notes.
  • Improved the handling of multithreading to reduce dependency between processes and so ultimately improve performance.
  • Reduced the potential for stuttering due to overprotection of note on and note off handling.
  • The MIDI In Devices component was not showing PC Keyboard in exported exes.
  • The Selector will now not change type when connecting it up to a stream.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the fact that Mono To Flat and Mono To Graph were not being detached correctly.
  • The software would crash if connecting a string to Direct Sound Out or ASIO Out before the first compile occurs.
  • Fixed a problem with audio not compiling through wireless stream connectors.
  • In the code component rndint wasn’t working when the arguments were an expression.
  • Updated all the envelopes to reflect the changes in the way hops now work.
  • Fixed a problem with Text and Code components where undoing a deletion wasn’t showing up when you click back to – edit again.
  • Fixed a problem with file size not updating if compression is off and you save to the same file.
  • Using Direct Sound Out and ASIO Out components connected to the same outputs was causing one to lock out the other when switching device.
  • Sample Rate now defaults to 44100 if the audio device does not return a valid sample rate.
  • Fixed a problem with crashing when MIDI triggers redraws and those redraws show up on the navigator.
  • Fixed an issue with Text File Load adding an extra, superfluous CRLF at the end of the resulting String.
  • Updated the Multi Stage Envelope to resolve some CPU hanging issues and to add handling for fast release.
  • Added better preset handling to the routing matrix.

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