BBE Sonic Maximizer 462
BBE Sonic Maximizer 462

Sonic Maximizer 462, Exciter/Enhancer from BBE.

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Shad-xt- 03/02/2009

BBE Sonic Maximizer 462 : Shad-xt-'s user review


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Identical to bbe 482i sonic maximazer new generation
Discontinued Models

1U Rackmount
2 Independent Channels
between: jack 1 / 4 and RCA each channel
Output Jack 1 / 4 and RCA each channel
lo contour and process each channel
VU meters to see if the sound clip on each input channel

no XLR balance between ... aurra been nice
Just What the new generation in 882I has and the price goes with ...


Manual available at BBE tab of discontinued models
in English but with clear asser shema wiring for all needs and idiots like me

Configuration simplistic asser

VU meter to be given a good quality non-clipped

2 knob on each channel is turned up we love


The effect is very suptil minute after whatever games they bypass it and realized his work ... makes the sound more "aerial" much more diffinition in low and high frequency (much less rough and noisy) without digging into the mediums

If misuse generate little musical disaster ... knob push thoroughly altered risk of the desired effect ... this is not EQ ... he "cleaned" the sound that he gives not the booster ... then amateur knob thoroughly refrain

as good as home studio, practice sessions with the group or to live (DJ.Orchestre.Band Metal.Gazou.violon.guimbarde.loundge.jazz.punk vegetarien.toutte)
tested on several instrument sound output and does the job really well


Use envy since 1 month and a half repeat performance in the context
Is of extreme versatility, but using mostly on my guitar (it is mine after all 8p)

The ideal is that every group member has one has to put his personal taste and people who are going departire his rare

He has a very bad rate ... deviend we hooked ... it is ... his little work done on the sound quality you get used to and when not at his post our ears bored

OCCAZ buy for a fair price ($ 100 Cdn) for the overall cosmetic condition (A1 knob connection) is REFERRED choice if it finds another