Behringer UltraBass EX1000
Behringer UltraBass EX1000

UltraBass EX1000, Exciter/Enhancer from Behringer in the Ultrabass series.

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stereosound 03/11/2007

Behringer UltraBass EX1000 : stereosound's user review


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Generator sub-bass analog (via internal synthesizer).
An active filter at 75 Hz is used to send the SUB on a separate output (use sound) or re-integrated into the signal source.
A pot. modulates the threshold for triggering the processor, another type of SUB (bass exterme bass).
Limiter helps limit sub.

Connectors JACK 6.35 (the first model = large buttons)

Rack with integrated power supply


Single use


The stroke of the threshold setting does not seem entirely appropriate: it flies in "nothing" to "too much"

The limiter is completely transparent (on version 1), to wonder if something limits.

Use with caution in beacoup recording / mixing. Can be useful to "catch up" taking its foot bass drum or bass a little short in the bass. On the side of the marrow and serious is successful (warning: the speakers are down to 30 Hz for a good perceived sound).


(+) Cause serious, which is quite different from a booster APHEX serious type. The sound is deeper, more realistic.
The only condition use CD in good conditions of bandwidth and not necessarily "radio" or small diffusion.

(-) Control the dynamics not always convincing. The limiter (v.1) should be reviewed.

Use very specific and useful in some cases, to give more notament sitting at a sound recording sound a little too energetically filtered at 100 Hz I am less confident for the TECHNO and RAP, but I also less experience in this type of prod.