Behringer UltraFex Pro EX3200
Behringer UltraFex Pro EX3200

UltraFex Pro EX3200, Exciter/Enhancer from Behringer.

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Sebounet 09/06/2004

Behringer UltraFex Pro EX3200 : Sebounet's user review


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Features "drinking", ie some really effective and accurate settings. With the ULTRAFEX EX 3200, we swim in at all times nearly, and approximation.


The interface is not perfect: the keys are very small, poorly marked and their features are difficult to understand for the simple guy I am. In addition, one of the outputs of the EX 3200 has stopped working after a few days of use. NUL.


Fair to poor sound quality: it actually adds some frequencies, but listening again to the recordings later, we feel how the addition has undermined the quality of the previous record. The expansion of the stereo field is hardly better. Anyway, if we use such objects is that we missed the mix somewhere ...


I do not redeem this thing. If you really want a sheer frequency, start working your mix differently. And if you REALLY REALLY value your sheer frequency, buy it elsewhere than BEHRINGER. This stuff is unprofessional, and it may spoil the purity of your original mix ...