Proel wah wah pedal
Proel wah wah pedal
Banouf 09/16/2006

Proel wah wah pedal : Banouf's user review


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- I bought this wahwah a year ago for lack of money for a big Crybaby.

- I bought it mainly because of my wallet, the 55 wahwah has not seemed to me much. Trslgre is (it's a good practice to carry around but embttant concert can be a difficult kick Ngoc and it will take a tour of the public). I have not tried other wahwah in my young life but I think it has been well under the foot. Any plastic, sometimes we afraid to use it ^ ^. Good for less: to put a battery, it should DSOC, transfer the plate below and the battery does not really place is a little arrche it. I had to resort to dsoxidant trs potentiomtre often to clean (to transfer the horrible crackling) j'esspre Proel it is rare for the cracks in their pedals. APRS sound, when turned on all of my bass guitars fuck the camp, there's a trs acute, sometimes sucks, compared to the other wahwah, there's a job ...

- It's not expensive at all, therefore not expect a miracle.

- With the experience (and a little more money) I bought a well above MODEL.