Edirol FA-66
Edirol FA-66

FA-66, FireWire audio interface from Edirol.

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jeromed1 11/03/2005

Edirol FA-66 : jeromed1's user review


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My choice was the FA-66 for its 6 / O especially the optical (at the time I was considering buying the MA-20D monitors that have an optical input), the firewire port (faster than USB), its own integrated two preamps and MIDI ports.

My config is cubase sx 2 on laptop centrino 1.5 Ghz, 512MB Ram.

I use it with the Fostex PM0.5 monitors, a synth Roland EM-2000 and some virtual instruments.


The installation was done very quickly. It is true that the manual is in English but we found there very quickly.
The configuration, however, posed a small problem (maybe my fault). According to the manual I understood that the larger the buffer driver was great, the better. and non-ben! I searched for a long time why I had so much latency (44ms) and for me it could not come from there! yeah! Yet this was it.
Leaving the original setting back down latency is 10ms


The driver is stable. For now it has not yet planted.
Updates? I do not know really.
Latency as I said in the previous paragraph is 10ms


I have used for 4 months but not extensively. To use the meager that I have made so far I have not encountered any problems. It's all good!
What I like least is a detail: the small on / off switch is behind the box (nothing serious in itself, but had to put something!)
The value for money is very good I think. I recommend it to beginners like me, as to more experienced people.