ESI Quata-Fire 610
ESI Quata-Fire 610

Quata-Fire 610, FireWire audio interface from ESI.

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agardet 07/04/2005

ESI Quata-Fire 610 : agardet's user review


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I bought it for its small size, the quality of pramp 2 (line / XLR), his six entries, the Fire wire.
Usage: layout, mix, mastering ...
PC Athlon XP 2900 + ram 1250go
The ffective of pramplis allows me to connect my jazz bass US live, happiness ...


Never seen a card as easy to install: you install the setup, you clik, clik it, you plug the firewire card, you clik and it plays (without reloading ...) and without the need of the manual (in English -)
The sound card on my motherboard silent active AC97, an M-Audio Delta 1010 LT was active, and I had no conflict ... (Motherboard MSI KT600)


Driver stable, no crash.
Updated every year, but the I do not see what they could do better!
Asio 4 ms and 4 ms wmd, I did not test the 2 ms ...
I test the bte before you buy with: 10 audio track (a plug donf) + a sequenseur noon rewire (drums + synth + sequence ...) recording the bass. no problem. has turned


I've had two days, it's my first firewire card, it's happiness.