ESI Quata-Fire 610
ESI Quata-Fire 610

Quata-Fire 610, FireWire audio interface from ESI.

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NaCe! 07/23/2004

ESI Quata-Fire 610 : NaCe!'s user review


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It is clear that this sound card is trs attractive both for its configuration (XLR / v/MIDIx2 48) than by its sound capabilities (in entre/114db 107dB output). What I am saying may seem crtin but once in his hands, weight and manufacturing quality put you at ease immediately.
Ideal for use as mix (Traktor, Live) and taken to the instruments or singing.
Personal'm on Mac OSX Panther so far so good as the virtually full range go-Sys is announced by the distributor Frans (IPE-MUSIC) compatible with Windows / Mac ... plutt cool I thought, I achte there is a 6 months now.


Glad I dballe my card, takes a look at the manual: not a line to install the MAC. Do not panic, APRS while it is not new as our little ones are the MAC dernire wheel carriage. I shall decide to insert my installation CD, and DRAMA !!!... I stay in front of my mouth Be notch: no driver for OSX! Trs well, I stay calm by thanking someone or have internet (which is not the case with Mr. everyone), and reassures me by going to their site to find my little driver ... (Gloups!) NOTHING, NADA. And then I panic STRID j'applle the HOT LINE: "Do not worry, the driver leaves the end of the month, sr !!"... ok, I take my troubles patiently: 1,2,3,4,5,6 months later ouiiiiiiiiiii finally it arrived!! certainly, but what Manir:
1) obligation to go through a PC to get this driver made me crazy MOITI (super!).
2) the driver does not turn the card in 48Khz max (gnial!).
3) one of the two MIDI ports will not work (ex-tra-or-di-naire!).


Bah, I do not know what to say except that we can expect a day set in 2005 MACINTOSH may be? 2006 or so, will be nice shit ... ha, and then I forgot: about 6 months of latency ... I hear there is a personal, I was not too drang ... (J'vous said he must have some humor!)


In conclusion, I changed my sound card by taking the M Waveterminal always go in-Sys: So the problem there is not a driver for MAC, which also is the same as for the L and Waveterminal Waveterminal X: but it still does not work !!!!!!!! Finally let's say it works APRS systmatique crash during boot my computer (and yet has the reputable OSX does not fail, I can confirm, except with go-Sys! Gnial, right?).
Thank you God I am a salesman in a music store so I have seen too many financial worries, so I pass the message all those who have a MAC: CAUTION! If not for PCistes, I remain convinced that this is a good sound card trs!
Well, may be one day can we hope we MACINTOSH minority, have some Whereas from go-System Inc.. (Or as B & E-music) as their competitors ... BAD POINT! It only remains for me that look elsewhere ... Word to the CIAO!