Phonic FireFly 808
Phonic FireFly 808

FireFly 808, FireWire audio interface from Phonic in the Firefly series.

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Frank55 10/14/2017

Phonic FireFly 808 : Frank55's user review

« Problematic device! »

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Value For Money : Poor Audience: Anyone
I bought two Phonic Firefly 808's, with the idea to daisy chain them to obtain 16 inputs/outputs. The installation of the drivers was a real pain in the neck!
I got messages as "The device doesn't start", "No device found" etc.
After a full day of trying I finally got it working, anyway: that was what I thought...
The next time I turned the computer on, I got the message "No device connected" again.
Again it took me hours to re-install the driver. It seems that as long as there are traces from a previous installation, the setup procedure for a new install doesn't seem to work. The only way the reinstall is to manually remove all previously installed software components and also manually cleanup the Windows registry.
Now, WHEN it works, the quality is good. Daisy chaining works if you use the firewire connection. But you have to use the same firewire port as when you installed the software. At the moment you (accidentally) use another firewire port, the Firefly 808 is not recognized. Microphone inputs could have been a bit more sensitive, especially when using dynamic microphones you have to turn up the record volume to the max.
In practice, the Firefly 808 runs pretty hot after a couple of hours, hotter then I think would be wise.
And another thing: I never managed to get the ADAT input working...
The result is that I sold both my Phonic Firefly 808's and found myself a better (and more reliable) multichannel interface. So: think twice...