PreSonus FireStudio Lightpipe
PreSonus FireStudio Lightpipe

FireStudio Lightpipe, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus in the Firestudio series.

fabrice.fargues 11/13/2011

PreSonus FireStudio Lightpipe : fabrice.fargues's user review

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Value For Money : Correct
32 inputs and 32 outputs in ADAT ... Used with a quad core iMac I5 2.8 GHz, 8 GB of ram.

Converter (SSL Alpha Link AX), Vienna 2 in console mix ...


Mac Snow Leopard, no problem at the major drivers. The LEDs indicate that the 32-channel volume input, no possibility to specify the output, not very bad thing, but annoying to have to open the virtual console to see the volume of output in the software, and therefore "control" the not to exceed 0dB for converters ... Internal clock, correct, but when you install it on a clock Bigben, the difference is more than sensitive, small jitter problems disappear like magic (although there have not really ...), and especially the convertos are "transfigured" is clearer, more accurate, "large" also ...
The software does not activate the reference clock (when it is requested in the default settings ...), so annoying ...


The implementation on Mac without problems, even in 64-bit ... The next "Plugg and play" is there ...


Used for 7 months, is the only audio interface to be 32 in / out on a single Firewire port (with the M-Audio Light Bridge). As I do everything outside the computer (not this one that I use Magneto in fact), I need large inputs / outputs. All other models are made on dedicated port (as in MOTU RME) and an Imac can be equipped with a PCIe card ... This interface does the job, under the conditions described above, but at the clock, we are not in RME, SSL, Apogee and consort ... Good interface for the "small" studio, on a commercial structure is a bit limited. Still, it's the job anyway, and the software "Studio One" Presonus is intuitive and well done.

If I do it again this choice?? With a MacPro, no, I will go towards a solution in the SSL MADI, or PCI-424 and Motu 2408 MK3 from home, qualitatively a step up ... Now, for an Imac, however powerful it is limited in the choice ...

Okay ...