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trash_man 02/25/2007

Alesis Multimix 8 USB : trash_man's user review


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<ul> Reminder:
8 Channel Console with USB connection
4 mic / line XLR + jack with adjustable gain
2 stereo / mono
Potentiometers Rotary volume control
USB input and output routed to Magneto
2 auxiliary outputs (with a routable to the multi-effect board or out).
2 stereo effects returns.
28 Bit Multi-FX with 100 presets integrated effects including reverbs, delays, chorus, flanger, pitch and multi effects
3-band EQ on each voice.
Main monitoring and separate outputs (balanced jack 6.35)
Headphone output. </ul>
Is Rack? yes thanks to the kit sold separately for this purpose (20 € I think), but I do not see the point because it is for home studio principaly travel ...

It is equipped with 6 slices (two stereo) and four with XLR jack (with gain, phantom power supply and low pass (75Hz)) and two with two jack, they all of a 3-band EQ (80Hz / 2.5kHz/12kHz) of two settings to (one attributions to the channel effect) adjustment of balance and a general level
an AUX send (stereo), returns two AUX (stereo), a master output, a control room and headphones
channel effect (not set) is available to 99 preset
2 LED bar graphs 8

to be perfectly in character should be a button to mute and solo save a lot of time when setting but it deserves 9 / 10 for the character is as yet very extensive

(ONLY one regrets the absence of a portion of a forty limit for each compressor and the cigar box that goes with it, I'm kidding lol nn)


The manual, although quite comprehensive in terms annalogique and completely void in terms of digital ...

but I can assure you it is totally useless!

this is my first mixer and I had needed only three minutes to start playing with a ...

after 3 hours, I record demos of high quality ...

<ul> I put 8 because:
If I had a problem with the instalation of the driver would have said that nothing faireaucune operating instructions supplied Cubase LE (even trivial ...) </ul>

this last point that concerns me is: I used to use SX3


This console is pretty good but necessarily detect the default console sold € 200

The breath is one of the default and is not trasparente ...

by the equalization is effective against: it would almost double the stroke knob to be accurate in the setting of the three bands that are misplaced my taste

only 5 to breath but since equalization is a very good bonus of 2 points (note that cubase has a very effective equalizer ...)


I use it for one month and I plan to buy a second (if connected to 2 on the computer is possible ...)

the +
USB (even if the firewire and more powerful <--- BUDGET imposed)
the characteristics

the -
the breath (which is still suporte)
lack of Trasparency
Manual number field (even if the analog is very well designed)