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le rastenic 01/28/2014

Allen & Heath ZED60-10FX : le rastenic's user review

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I would see the manual for specifications.
Point connections view, I somewhat change of my cables but nothing crippling.


Despite the simplicity of an analog console, each way bus is clear in case of doubt.
This makes it more intuitive.


Previously with analog Yamaha good bill, I was pleasantly surprised to find the punch of my sound card.
I find it really clear and I found no breath.


Given the size of the table, certain potentiometers are too close to each other.
Which for my use, rather static, does not bother me at all. For a "real" live, it could be a defect.

I really love its simplicity, quality, that it has all the features I need given its format.
I was delighted with his transparency and find happiness lost some sounds with my previous table.

It has everything a great size in a "pocket". Really made for my use ..

I would buy again.