Yamaha MW10
Yamaha MW10
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Ron Coda 06/10/2013

Yamaha MW10 : Ron Coda's user review

«  Everything depends on the use ... »

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No rack, possibility to attach a kind of foot.

For technical specifications, see the Yamaha website ...
But a pity thing only works in stereo, which means no more than 2 multi track ... (L / R).
In addition to tracks 3 and 4 are not assignable at L side (I do not understand why?) ...

In short, really really bad ...


Very simple configuration.
No driver, plug and it works (on a Mac anyway).
Never had a bug with the map (only with Cubase).

A compressor on the first two tracks (never used), a basic EQ types of mixer functions, what ...

The manual is very clear, as the card is ... ;)


This is the good side of this thing!

Yamaha quality even at low cost! No breath, even at high level.
Very transparent preamp, do live recordings taken on the table are quite impressive!
Used to live instruments (bass, guitar, piano, etc ...) and the trombone with SM57, D112.

It is always better, but do not forget that I paid 200 E!

I am not using the EQ to save.


Used for more than 3 years. I use MOTU a friend from time to time (I know the model).

It's been three years that I want to change to buy a "real" but multi ... it is still there.
Why? Because ultimately I really have not had the need to record multitrack (except two projects I used MOTU) and for my project electro jazz rere it enough.
Sometimes I record jam sessions at home, by bringing the stereo out of the sound and adding one or two microphones here and there to fill out the sound. When recording in stereo, you learn at least the techniques of live!

With experience, I obviously do not have that choice, because I would take one more track, but by comparing what is comparable to 195 E, I have a mixing desk, sound card and Cubase ... The value for money is fun! Afterwards, as the title says, it depends on the use.

And if I have not changed is the need is not pressing too ....