Le Maitre Neutron Hazer
Le Maitre Neutron Hazer

Neutron Hazer, Fog Machine from Le Maitre.

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Audiofanzine FR 11/02/2008

Le Maitre Neutron Hazer : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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(Originally written by djpioneer/translated from Audiofanzine FR)


I bought it in October 2008 but I had already tested it before.

I did a thorough research on the web to find "my precious" and I think I found it.

No heater and no compressor which means:
No odor
No noise
It virtually never gets dirty
No residues or deposits
Extremely low power consumption (250 watts)
Extremely low fluid consumption (approx. half a gallon, 2 lt, per 130 operating hours)
Light weight (19.8 lb.)
Very compact (small cube of 11.8" per side fitting in a vinyl flightcase).
Integrated 2 liter (approx. half a gallon) tank.
Automatic circuit-cleaning system when you turn off the unit.

The things I like least:

- The price
- The optional DMX module without on/off mode implementation (this means it's even simpler to use 0/10-volt control signal)
- The fixed power chord (I prefer a detachable power chord for Powercon). I give it 9/10 because of this.

I previously owned units with heater. They always generated some sort of odor and had excessive fluid consumption.

The value for money isn't excellent. This is a professional product so it is expensive but it will be paid off very quickly because of all the advantages mentioned above. Especially regarding consumption.

Based on my experienced... I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. Before buying it I had only one concern: the price. But when I think about it, I believe every light show system should be equipped with this unit. A good fog machine emphasizes every lighting system, even a low-cost unit made in China. With scans it's a real pleasure.
The MVS model is used for bigger venues (Lion King or Liane Folie shows) because of the higher flow and its extended DMX implementation.
It's lots of fun...