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Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
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sonofanzinedom sonofanzinedom

«  Perfect for moderate noise »

Publié le 10/10/14 à 12:55
Value For Money : Excellent
Noise gate pedal with exit and return loop to integrate noisy pedals.


Very simple no manual.
An input to an output loop pedals noisy (you can put the other after) a return loop pedals and noisy output to channel 1 or 2 of the amp.
I personally have put my fake wampler tape echo in the loop of the amp so after the noise gate, and my harmonize HarmonyMan at the beginning before the NS-2 for the direct detection of the clean guitar.


Perfect for up to half on guitar with two OD OD + one Disto


As I have long asked what pedal noise gate buy, between the BOSS NS-2 cheap, especially used, and the ISP Decimator (but in this case that the V1, V2, the Gold? ) I give you my opinion after buying the BOSS NS-2 and three days of testing, it can be used to indecisive.
So on my system behind Wampler Hotwired (double OD pedal and distortion) and CUSTOM SCREAMER home Techniguitare (OD) when I clicks OD and distortion hotwired the NS mode 2 Threshold reduction in third and Decay 0 it's perfect, no change in sound and zero noise!
Same thing with the OD OD Hotwired + custom screamer.
If I clicks all for the sound of death that kills (bodybuilder donf with harmonic everywhere) in the same position there is a small bit of noise you can hear when I stop playing, not really a problem for I think we should push the NS-2 to more than half (almost three quarters) to find the perfect silence. Here you listen carefully you may realize that you lose a little bite so acute in sound but really must compare / OFF to realize.
After I tried pushing the NS-2 background (Decay always zero) where we eat a little sharp, but you have to have the stuff that makes a lot of noise to get there.
So I would say that with the stuff pretty clean the NS-2 is just fine, no need to spend more.
I do not put 10 because in these entrenchments she eats some of his, but I was impressed with the cleaning action of this pedal MR Clean!
The only other noise gate I've used before is the one built into my Rocktron Chameleon (Hush old version) that was used to clean her after my machine Cream H & K tube preamp that was quite loud, it worked well too but version 2 OD pedal behind this distortion and MS-2 small price (used anyway) is a bargain.
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