Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor

NS-2 Noise Suppressor, Noise Gate for Guitar from Boss.

MGR/Superdown Ritual 05/18/2003

Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor : MGR/Superdown Ritual's user review

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100$ at Sam Ash. Got it because I have a psychotic DOD pedal called Death Metal Pedal, its not the name it was the feedback and noise it gave while youre not playing it and when I put that psycho DOD with my precious and clean Boss V-Wah - not a good mix, like the two pedals arent made for each other -theyre not.

And I like the fact that the Noise Suppressor brings the DOD and the V-Wah together and eliminates all the size noise and feedback. Now I am actually able to put the DOD full volume without blood coming out of my ears. And also it acts as a power supply, so I bought a daisy chain for 15$ and hooked up my Zoom Drum machine, Zoom 606, DOD, V-Wah all together, so now I only have one adapter in the outlet and all of them are working, instead of unplugging and plugging 4 adapters into 2 outlets.

Dude, its a Boss, you have to love it. No you dont. Seriously, its a noise suppressor what wouldnt u like about a noise suppressor? It does its job, my case was extra hard, I dont think MXR Gate would do the job.

Its a Boss, ahem a Tank! And the quality is smart, the whole noise eliminating thing works great, for 100$ is kinda a lot, but if it will last me a life time, its golden.

If youre dealing with insane pedals, example: trying to have 2 low-end distortion pedals on at same time without getting a headache, its possible!

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