NTL-B FL, Fretless acoustic bass from Cort in the NTL series.

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Bkg2018 08/19/2007

Cort NTL-B FL : Bkg2018's user review


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Made in Korea.
The MODEL is fretless, are also fret (NTL-B), both teams are a Fishman Prefix Plus prampli, 3-band EQ, phase switch, volume knob and Tone .
The neck is rosewood.
Cash back is lgrement bomb.
The soundboard is solid wood.
The quality of manufacture and finish seems good, varnishes are impeccable.
The strings are the original plated bronze.


The handle is comfortable and flexible. It does not rise easily in Most recent internship frets on a fretless, but it's quite dangerous for any Manir accuracy.
It is an instrument quite lightweight compared lkectrique low.

The box top and right-angle trs trs is sore right arm when playing after sitting under an hour.

The volume of this box is powerful enough to support acoustic guitars, but despite its size folk guitar playing a little aggressively can cover it. Do bring a small amp to support the same neutral sound for acoustic sessions.

As a fretless, the strings do not curl.

The instrument is sensitive enough heat and humidity probably due to a wood too young: it is often necessary to connect, but in context it is well tempra tuning and mcaniques prcises and are enjoyable so it's not really a problem.

The strength of this instrument is that you can take it anywhere and play or work in any condition, without the game or the sound is too low moves away from the usual electric. Only the position of the arm and right hand are unique but that's normal for a body as pais, and an acoustic bass possde forcment a box deep trs.

Beware the coating of the handle looks really soft and trs is easily marked by ropes so you must play this bass and smooth dlicatesse.

The prampli fishman, although trsrput did not really convinced the rglages do not seem to make a big sound. Anyway, with all neutral and playing on a good amp Ampeg, we get a really warm and the trs modular, so the prampli rpercute is good and well all frquences , I think we should not ignore the hsiter qualisation on bass.


The acoustic sound, even with the strings and the original bronze color mtallique, trs is hot as it is a fretless, is approached more bass than the bass. By changing the nylon strings must be able to get a trs his original and personal.
The body beautiful possde rsonance and a small natural rverbration making beautifully the two highest strings.
To play an amplifier must be impractical cap rose because otherwise the body just takes over and it is the direct feedback. But even with the cap, you can not play with electric guitars and drums, for now I gave up.
This bass is made plutt to play acoustic instruments also not amplified because its volume can not fight his case and contains everything.


I have this bass for two years and I am littralement won over by his charm. I find a lgance tural, both in terms of its Aesthetics, that sound, not to mention its convenience.
This bass has a warm and personal characters trs, and it shows: ds that way, all bassists and guitarists the same corner come and ask to try it. Ms. my bass teacher got stuck over one hour.
I tried other acoustic one year and a half alone, mostly for Yamaha but I had given up buying because I found the sound too bland.
For 650 of the era, I would do without this purchase hsiter that allows me to work and CRER anywhere to play unplugged with the rest of the group or evening with friends, and have a sound and an enjoyable round trs.
Against the ropes by the original bronze / phosphor taient despicable and I exchange with bohheur for nylons, I lost a little power noise, but I gained an almost his bass m me nu!