Behringer Eurolive B300
Behringer Eurolive B300

Eurolive B300, Full-Range PA Speaker Cabinet from Behringer in the Eurolive series.

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oldpirate 11/06/2010

Behringer Eurolive B300 : oldpirate's user review

«  Not bad for the price! »

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Of course, purists and other lovers of good stuff will be shocked, but given the price we will not do the sly. It sounds correctly and I use a pair for 3 years for the front trio rock / blues.

Lourdes: I agree, it takes two to develop. We are the place to the ground upside down, you plant your foot in it and it returns everything. Same for disassembly.

Unreliable: No problem for three years. An integrated amp just let go. I replaced it (cost 14 €)
But Rivera amp the guitarist is too broke and my Trace also dropped me! ! !

Poor Sound: Not a criticism on the quality of our sound. Just know how to balance and do not want watter higher than his gear allows.
I saw groups better equipped than us who never left a mash sound inaudible.

If it all over again: Given what you earn per session, I figured it would take 2 years of concerts to pay me the speakers of my dreams!
And that the majority of the public would not see the difference.
If I win the lottery I buy NEXO.

Chao, Keep'n rocking!