Bose 802 Series III
Bose 802 Series III

802 Series III, Full-Range PA Speaker Cabinet from Bose.

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centurygold 02/16/2007

Bose 802 Series III : centurygold's user review


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This type material in several versions I've listened to the same also in an individual who had a pair in stereo. c is very good for making noise! the sound is colored the body is plastic and small broad bands the team. the yield is zero because of a small hps well and I kept saying that the work of a mouse n is not that of an elephant, despite all the possible corrections Electronic and c is the case ICI.L electron can correct everything that is Spread the word.
value for money is zero because of the quality of materials and components Played: plastic in the nasal and cavernous dominates more but not ny bose going in this direction. PLASTIC WITH A PRESTIGIOUS NAME ABOVE is cheap BUT IT REALLY PAYS! I put a convenience for easy transport to make noise wherever we souhaite.Une pregnant slight stiffness so sorely lacking in the sound of clinking glasses except to use materials from the aerospace (titanium aluminum magnesium ...) much more expensive. People are decidedly less difficult. 901 in the first series of wood and square shape are better off with a listen properly even if the concept is the same but it is colorful!