Peavey SP 6
Peavey SP 6

SP 6, Full-Range PA Speaker Cabinet from Peavey in the SP series.

ericthegreat 11/01/2011

Peavey SP 6 : ericthegreat's user review

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The Peavey SP 6’s thump so low I can blow a hole in the earth's crust. They put out a high that makes you think Minnie Ripperton is singing alive and live! As a mobile DJ, I'd substituted sound quality for mobility. Used to buy my speakers on 2nd hand circuits etc. I realized that my studio at home sounded much better than my system on the road. I was still playing a muddy Juke-Joint sound. Well I looked at specs and prices and listened to several major brands before setting on these GEMS! Heavy but, the sound is pure. I turned the EQ off and let them rip. Sucker D J's came over to see what I was using to blow them out. Had people from the other side of the lake coming over looking for a live band. This was using an idol pro amp. Can't wait to do a gig that requires the Peavey 4080's for power.

But they are stationary; some data out there states they have wheels under them. These did not come with any wheels. They have 4 short feet they stand on.

This actually works good to slide a dolly under them. No regrets for sound. If you are planning on a portable system and have a good dolly and trailer with a ramp go for it. You will not want to be lifting them much though. Looks and Sound is great. I can't imagine putting them on a pole. They are over 4 feet tall

I recommend these to local djs all the time when they ask whats good for different venues that provide a lot of thump. Especially with the rise of dub step music over here. Its great to have something that can have that low thump for those baselines. It will really get the crowd moving! I stand by these, try them.