ArielFx Silly Phuzz Phace
ArielFx Silly Phuzz Phace

Silly Phuzz Phace, Fuzz pedal from ArielFx.

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odofredus 06/01/2006

ArielFx Silly Phuzz Phace : odofredus's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
This is a clone of Fuzzface silicone. The Phuzz Phace has two transistors BC108 NOS, for the rest of a conventional circuit fuzzface with, a little more enjoyable, a beautiful bright white LED. A rock solid, the housing is very nice, logos "in" and "out" very original.


Well, the fuzzface is not very complicated to use, there's no settings available ... 2000


Huge surprise for a pedal of a virtually unknown manufacturer, which also clones Treble / Bass Bosst and Wah. The sound is absolutely beautiful, very similar to what is the best in boutique pedal, for one low price (shipping and ridiculous, the odre $ 10). The sound is warm, round, without reducing the gain decreases with the volume knob of the guitar, I mean it real fuzzface. I've got the silicone version, so with a lot a lot of gain. Truly amazing results, this is a cheap pedal to recommend warmly before the manufacturer starts to make a name ...


I wanted a fuzzface, I have a fuzzface. This is a great pedal, the level of what is best in fuzzface shop (I compared with Sunface NKT275 of Analogman) for less than half the price. Please note that the silicone version is no longer manufactured for the moment, I had one of the last, put up for sale on EBay. Still found on the site fuzzface Germanium which must be worth it too (they are a knob for adjusting the bias, no need for a face fuzzface silicone). If you get this pedal, please, it's worth.