Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI

Big Muff PI, Fuzz pedal from Electro-Harmonix in the Big Muff series.

wwhhhaatt 07/20/2011

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI : wwhhhaatt's user review

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Analog fuzz pedal with Standard 1/4" input and output jacks
Control knobs for volume, tone, and sustain (ammount of fuzz)
True bypass stomp switch, 1/8" power input, bottom battery box.
All housed in a huge enclosure.


I think fuzz pedals should be kept simple and it does not get much more simple than the big muff. No instructions are necessary and I don't even remember there being a manual when I bought this. You just hook up your cables, put some power whether it's an adapter or battery, turn some knobs, stomp the switch and go.


There is a reason why this pedal has become such a classic. I have been through many fuzz boxes from run of the mill all the way through some of the most sought after boutique boxes and the classic big muff can run with all of them. Some may think the EQ is limited but there is actually a lot of range in that one tone control. From fizzy to huge it's all there. I have run this pedal with guitar, Bass, keys, and even vocals and been able to get some useable or even great sounds out of it. To this day it is still my favorite fuzz for bass. I mostly use it on guitar as that is m main instrument. The wall of sound is what I typically go for with a fuzz and it is easily achieved with this pedal. There is not much in the way of lower gain tones but I find that to be pretty common with most fuzz boxes.


For the money I just don't think this can be beat. I have other fuzz pedals that sound better in some situations and have a more refined sound but they cost much more than this. There are some inconsistencies with it though. I have played others that sounded quite different from mine. I wouldn't say worse but different. The huge size is also a turn off to some people. The size of the circuit could easily be crammed into a box half this size so if you're handy with a soldering iron it might be a good idea.