Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI

Big Muff PI, Fuzz pedal from Electro-Harmonix in the Big Muff series.

MGR/Rob McCrudden 11/22/2003

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI : MGR/Rob McCrudden's user review

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I bought this unit from Nevada, my local guitar shop in Portsmouth UK. It set me back £89.99. I boughtt it because i was in need of a top quality distortion pedal and i was aware of the big muff's excellent reputation as one of the best that money could buy. It is even featured in album titles (Superfuzz BigMuff by Mudhoney) and T-Shirts (Rock Action T-Shirt by Mogwai) by great bands proving it has a dedicated following!

There is a few things that i really like about this unit but the main thing is the range of different distortions in relation to how few knobs there are on it. I've tried out quite a few distortion pedals over the past few months and the vast majority of them use four to six smaller, fiddlier knobs and yield a smaller range of sounds. The Big Muff is so simple and classic and really delivers a wide range of distortion sounds. The only other pedal that comes close tho it is the Marshall Shredmaster but i'd still go Big Muff every time

There's very little that i dislike about this unit. The only thing i can say is that i would have prefered it to have been a pedal rather than a push button as this means that you have to wear shoes to use it or you hurt your foot. It's a little annoying if you're just playing at home or if you like to play bear foot at any point (or is that just me?!). But this really is the only thing i can think of that i didn't like and i'm really just splitting hairs here!

The construction of the Big Muff is first class. The first thing you'll notice is the sheer size of the pedal. It's huge! I'll bet you it's the biggest pedal you ever seen. But it's not just that its big but flimsy, its made out of metal and the unit is heavy and the dials are big and sturdy giving you confidence to really stamp down on it when you're rocking out. Trust me, you wont break it. And if you do go for the big theatrical stamp when you're playing you wont be let down by a feeble sound coming out of it. It' loud!

The bottom line is that the Big Muff is a quality unit. There are other pedals out there that you can get pretty decent sounds out of but they're all too small with fiddly buttons and you have to mess around with them for ages to get a decent sound. If you want a great distortion sound with top quality construction (and dont mind paying for it) the Big Muff is your only option.

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