Roger Mayer Mongoose Fuzz
Roger Mayer Mongoose Fuzz

Mongoose Fuzz, Fuzz pedal from Roger Mayer.

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burebista 05/08/2008

Roger Mayer Mongoose Fuzz : burebista's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Distortion guitar. Technology: transistors.

Output, input guitar knobs for level and fuzz, switch.

Warning: no socket adapter.


I use a cable connector for the battery to power with an adapter.

I also post a graphic equalizer.


For the metal it's great. Will have one little (but not too much) of the wah in a fixed position, but not too much, in addition to a wah after distortion is not the same because the Mongoose product also quite serious. Good dynamic.

It's pretty much the sound of the demo of the manufacturer.


I use 8 months (?)

I really have not tried the other type distortions metal before, but I tried a Rocktron Zombie post, and I would say that the Zombie sounds more synthetic. I have not tried the MXR Dime, but it will be a comparison INTERESTED, the sound of the demos is not too far away.

I do not know if you necessarily need an equalizer, it also depends on what you scratching branches, speakers and your amp.

I ordered by mail from Germany for 155 Euros. For almost a boutique pedal made in England I think the price / quality ratio is excellent.