Sovtek Big Muff
Sovtek Big Muff
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Ythad_Viny 07/24/2011

Sovtek Big Muff : Ythad_Viny's user review

«  ideal for low tunes »

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seen before (it's pretty simple three knob, input, output)


bah there is no simple


this pedal is normally dedicated to bassists. Personally, I use it also in some cases with my guitar in drop La. In these sound serious enough, this pedal gives all its personality: it is round, it is very fat and saturated.


I appreciate especially for some industrial linings, because its rounded side and both aggressive in the low sounds particularly well and mix well with instruments more "digital".
on the other hand, we must be very serious in tone, or switch to a model for a guitarist, but has much more of the same characteristic in the low