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Ableton Live Updated to v7.0.14

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Ableton Live 7
News Ableton Live 7

General Sequencer from Ableton belonging to the Live 7 series

Ableton has updated Live to v7.0.14.

  • Updated Manual.
  • On Mac OS X, changing the audio buffer size requires you to click on an 'Apply’ button to commit the new buffer size. This should avoid that Audio Unit plug-ins are re-created more than once when changing the buffer size.

Bug fixes
  • Deleting or moving a Rack chain while there are clip envelopes for one of the chain mixer’s parameters (volume, pan, or sends) could crash Live.
  • MIDI overdub during Arranger recording could delete or cut notes.
  • Selecting a scene would display “Insert Scene” for the “Select All” menu entry.
  • Under very rare conditions and only with a Live set having at least 48 tracks, certain routings could switch to 'None’ after previewing a Live clip or MIDI file.
  • Replacing an instrument inside a rack with a track having additional automation lanes controlling parameters of the previous instrument would crash Live.
  • Dragging a clip from within Live or from the Browser would not use the Default preset.
  • When running Live as ReWire master with Propellerheads Reason as ReWire slave, under certain conditions Live would crash when switching presets in Reason in a way that would modify or change its MIDI targets.

For more info: www.ableton.com.
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