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Ableton Live 7.0.9

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Ableton Live 7
News Ableton Live 7

General Sequencer from Ableton belonging to the Live 7 series

Ableton has updated Live to v7.0.9.

Changes from Live 7.0.7 to Live 7.0.9


    * Updated manuals.
    * Updated texts.
    * Updated lesson package.

Bug fixes:

    * Consolidating frozen tracks could result in a silent consolidate clip.
    * The infotexts for the MIDI/KEY learn frame over the cross fade section were corrupted.
    * On Mac OS X, sending out MIDI clock would not work properly for a song loop back jump.
    * If the File Manager was opened, and the cursor was over it, the title of the infoview would say 'Lessons View’ instead of 'File Manager’.
    * Previewing Live clips and MIDI files would show a cut text in the status bar.
    * Hotswap buttons for devices would not 'glow’ when the mouse hovered over them.
    * Under certain conditions, hotswap for nested Drum Racks would open the wrong preset folder in the Browser.
    * If the fine song tempo was learned to a MIDI controller, moving that controller immediately after adding a Live clip would lead to a crash.
    * In Live’s Browser, plugins were not sorted according to sort order when the folder was expanded.
    * In Live’s file Browser, renaming a folder containing a recorded sample would silently fail and could set clips, used in the current Live set, offline.
    * Having an audio track set to external input, armed and muted; the level meter color was still green instead of grey.
    * Recording MIDI could lead to a crash when the first note was recorded immediately after starting a MIDI clip by clicking on a slot button of an armed track.
    * 'Collect Samples on Export’ would not work even if the corresponding Preferences option was enabled.
    * In Live’s Browser, when sorting preset by path, the current project entry would be placed randomly within the presets.
    * Analog, Tension and Electric would show 16 MIDI channels although they receive MIDI only on channel 1.
    * If a window was opened from within the Live process that Live does not know about (for example from NI Kore), Live would crash when opening a context menu or a popup chooser.
    * Under certain conditions, the pads of a Drum Rack could stay permanently hidden.
    * Changing the name of an effect or instrument device would not be reflected in the context menu of an assigned Macro knob.
    * Renaming a send track would not immediately effect the parameter chooser display for that track.
    * In the 'External Instrument’ device, changing the 'MIDI To’ chooser always reset the 'Audio From’ chooser.
    * A few OIC presets would require an unlocked EIC product.
    * Opening a list view from within nested Drum Racks could lead to a crash.
    * Depending of the current language, texts in the Trial section of the Preferences would not be displayed completely.
    * On Windows Vista and independent of buffer size and CPU usage, using some FW based audio interfaces would always result in clicks & pops in the audio as soon as multi-core support was enabled.
    * In a Drum Rack, extracting a chain with a certain routing to its parent return chain would lead to a crash.
    * In several message boxes for Library installations, file sizes would be displayed in GB and MB.
    * Freezing an armed track with audio coming from 'Resampling’ would crash Live.
    * Unfolding the Browser by dragging over its open/close button would not work.
    * On Mac OS X, using several Analog instances could lead to dropouts.
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