Ableton Live 7
Ableton Live 7

Live 7, General Sequencer from Ableton in the Live 7 series.

Document02 03/29/2009

Ableton Live 7 : Document02's user review


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Tries over several days with a friend who has had no problems installing.
Simple tutorial, and full manual.
Quick and efficient.


Athlon XP3200 +, the software runs correctly.

For cons:
- Via ReWire, the sound coming out of Reason lose all its dynamic
- The Novation Remote SL Automap of which passes through ReWire does not work. after studying the problem comes from poor integration of ReWire into Live
- Sound recording in direct compression type is treated to live. impossible to say what, this treatment does not appear in the project, it must be an integral part of the engine software
- The effects are provided with a quality


Used for a few weeks, I love its interface.

The rest ... sound via ReWire is bad, no simple way to apply groove (at the Reason 4), built-in effects are good no more.

As a user of Reason + hardware, it was just an attempt at a friend's hand for me when choosing my sequencer, software that does not comply with the sound input does not deserve to be considered further.

EDIT: I had an explanation for the quality of sound: the sound processing algorithms for live (compression etc ...) are integrated in the base audio line. Morality it sounds big, it sounds heavy, and in comparison with the same sounds on another sequencer, we see that live completely wrong sounds require a good definition.