Ableton Live 7
Ableton Live 7

Live 7, General Sequencer from Ableton in the Live 7 series.

tomdes 12/21/2008

Ableton Live 7 : tomdes's user review


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-No installation problem
-In terms of imcompatibilité, no sysex !!!!! tttres bad for the hard sync.
-The general configuration is very intuitive, the asset grtos live.
-For the manual, same as the version above, the explanation of everywhere, tutorials ...


-My machine is a PC powerful enough in 2008, core 2 duo, 2ghz of ram.
-The software works well on it.
The software is, little greedy in resources, but in my opinion more than the previous version.
-Attention is the opinion below! We all know that the PC configuration is less stable than the config mac. Especially when you have internet. So my pc is not connected to the internet and I see very few bugs. Beware of freeware and software cracked, too. This is the day and night with my old configs which had internet. And on my mac powerbook to live is even more stable.
In terms of sav, I blocked my live because I reinstalled the Avaya too, and the next day I received an email from ableton.


I use it for 3 months.
The special-I love the most: the ease of production! I love started working in loop mode, put my ideas, then switch to the sequencer. The big big plus of this version is the sidechain of the compressor. One little metttre on any tracks you want, simply select the source.
-The product is more expensive! value for money is correct, but it is not an audio editor.
Yes, I would do this choice !!!!!! I would do the update ... 8,9,10