Ableton Live 7
Ableton Live 7

Live 7, General Sequencer from Ableton in the Live 7 series.

ericthegreat 09/20/2011

Ableton Live 7 : ericthegreat's user review


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Ableton Live 7 is a solid software and worked great with my windows vista, which surprised me because vista has the tendency to make programs not work correctly and will bring crashes. I received my Ableton Live 7 for free with a purchase of a few products during a sale through Guitar Center. I wasn’t going to use this software at all because I already use so many softwares. So I decided to try it out and see how it works.


Running it on my laptop which was a dell mid grade laptop , nothing special. It worked great never went down on me or crashed. I had no issues with stability and this program didn’t use too much ram either. Not even when adding a lot of effects on the mixer channel. The program is pretty powerful itself, like I said I was pretty surprised. And with the way it performed on my laptop I started using it more and more for my mobile set up.


Overall the program that Ableton has come out with is a solid music production software. But unfortunately I really don’t have a need for it. I never took the time to fully get to understand this program because the other programs that I use outshine this by a long shot. I feel like eventually Ableton will catch up to its competitors like Cubase and fl studio. But for right now there is not difference with this program. Nothing Stands out to me, it almost seems like a watered down version of Acid Pro to me. But Ableton Live 7 would be great if it was your first software, but don’t think you are going to get some good sounds, the sounds that come with this are very basic. This program is also a little overpriced for my liking.