Ableton Live 9 Standard
Ableton Live 9 Standard

Live 9 Standard, General Sequencer from Ableton in the Live 9 series.

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rjeunet 10/19/2013

Ableton Live 9 Standard : rjeunet's user review

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No problem on Mac. The others I do not know.


You can do anything with. The other day while visiting my parents, I came across the manual BigBoss 24 '80s. With this development, we can say that we are really spoiled with the choice of DAW today.


There are so many articles and tutorials on Live I will highlight only the points that I feel special:


- Racks super powerful! We can make constructions of instruments and effects Midi and / or Audio as in Mainstage or Kore within the same track, and very quickly.
- Mapping twelve o'clock very easy to implement with any controller noon, not only with the features of Live but with plug-ins from other manufacturers.
- Crossfader working on several tracks, even on the bus effects (SENT). This allows arrangements of tracks and very creative effects.
- Routing twelve o'clock very powerful and flexible, very similar to the audio routing (well above the experience I had in Logic with HyperControl was poorly thought out). Each track can have a MIDI in and out, and feed several other tracks. It is super powerful and flexible for those who connect many devices Midi, or those who use a lot of MIDI tracks. We can make chains of instruments and tracks without worries.
- Time stretch super powerful. Live changes the tempo of a whole series of tracks simultaneously, while maintaining a great quality pitch.
- Automation not only arranger linear fashion, but also for clips
- Integrated Max / side chain around / general stability / good resource management /


- You can get a view of the mixer (panel session) and arrangement simultaneously on a single screen. Version 9.1 will allow simultaneous display on two screens.
- The view of the mixer does not show all inserts MIDI effects, instruments, sound effects and EQ for all tracks. There is no display option that allows an overview of all these parameters at a time, as we find in Logic. For pure mixing, Live seems visually stripped.
- Limited arpeggiator (can not compete with the arpeggiator worksations), yet with the racks it is possible to implement a similar idea to the huge Karma Karma-lab.
- Stretch pitch not as flexible with Logic or Melodyne. For we must draw a pitch envelope to have a similar result, which is more tedious than having a piano roll style display where one draws notes from top to bottom.
- Contrast interface not always obvious. It is sometimes difficult to see what is really selected.
- The following instruments and more expensive than the competition