Apple Logic Pro 9
Apple Logic Pro 9

Logic Pro 9, General Sequencer from Apple in the Logic series.

bodhi 08/31/2013

Apple Logic Pro 9 : bodhi's user review

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Installation is no problem but it is long since the amount of additional downloadable content

Setup is simple as long as we are experiencing a minimum and we will not hesitate to open the manual if necessary

With Version 9.1.8 running in 64-bit I have not experienced any incompatibility and with integrated tools 32-bit bridge work very well

The manual is quite provided contains good explanations and avoids a lot of questions on the forums as often the answers are there, if you can not find what we want in this case AF or Gearslutz become useful


My machine is a hackintosh mounted nov.2012 associated with the Roland Quad-Capture Card

16GB of ram, a ssd and i7 3770K are more than enough to run Logic, namely with the benchmark file EvanLogicMultiCoreBenchmark the cpu overload is reached to 111 tracks, this is an indicator that enables a sort through the efficient processors nothing more

It is also installed on my mac mini server 2011 Quad i7 2GHz 8GB of RAM and up to 60 tracks no problem with the same file for the benchmark

The software runs on the configuration and stability is to visit and truly deserves its Roland AF Award safe bet!


Since December 2012, but I had already had the opportunity to make use of Logic Express in 2010

My sequencer of choice is Reason since version 4, as bcp people here I tested some sequencers but it is Reason that suits me best

The goal was to improve with Logic as the mixing with Reason 4 and 5 it was really light side there. Logic with the possibilities are interesting but lack some aspects such as the ability to move tracks in the mixer. One can only color the label the name of the slice and the slice not complete which is a shame because it helps identify areas more quickly especially if they are grouped

The rewire with Reason 4 and 5 works very well with this version of Logic.

The interface is slightly perfectible as across the interface where sometimes look for in a submenu a simple function

There are old bugs lurking here and there, such as in the piano roll that when we created the first note you must scroll the mouse to return it because it changes octave alone (graphic bug)

Overall this is a good sequencer to compose and mix it to suit beginners to learning a complete product as advanced users and professionals, including some well-known use every day. The samples and loops are provided with a little obsolete now especially on electro but nothing prevents to create their own sounds or to obtain more current sound banks

The tools provided are legion and offer endless creative possibilities if you take the time to dig out as bcp STAN elsewhere. For example, do not hesitate to stack multiple ESX24 in a track summation to obtain a sound that disconnects. The effects are effective and can get quite a mix ready for mastering. The product is certainly questionable but what sequencer is not?

I know better bcp Logic and Reason that can only give an opinion "more detailed" € 149.99 but I still assigns an overall rating of 9/10 well deserved despite his imperfections and especially when compared to its price direct competitors completely unrealistic!