Apple Logic Pro 9
Apple Logic Pro 9

Logic Pro 9, General Sequencer from Apple in the Logic series.

chnocky 09/01/2013

Apple Logic Pro 9 : chnocky's user review


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Installation and easy configuration supports 32/64bit, I recommend a powerful mac and memory following machine secondly if good budget do not forget a powerful HD. The installation goes if you add all the sounds.
The manual is clear is French. Many forums aid.
In terms of configuration midday I would not do better, but with the "environment" is not really fun!


After many maj the latest version is very stable, just a few easy to identify bugs and known in the community.
I use many plugins without too many problems.


I use it since its launch, I also appreciate that I live less is more for the live I think.
Logic is a very good and comprehensive software.

I really appreciate being able to use the 5.1 because I have a full KRK 5.1.
Something some other DAW can not do, but of course less generally used more for movies. So be sure to check that you go with such music.