Bremmers Audio Design MultitrackStudio 5
Bremmers Audio Design MultitrackStudio 5

MultitrackStudio 5, General Sequencer from Bremmers Audio Design.

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MultitrackStudio 5 Updated

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Bremmers Audio Design has updated MultitrackStudio to version 5.2.

The highlights are improved notation editing and a new practice mode which lets you use software instruments or effects like guitar amp simulators without actually recording them, according to Bremmers.

  • Major improvements in notation editor (better horizontal note spacing, multiple buttons to add now notes, key signature changes, more tuplets, etc.).
  • MIDI event editors now have 3 modes: Select Part, Select Notes and Add Notes.
  • MIDI controller and automation editors now have 3 modes: Select, Add and Draw.
  • Multi MIDI Editor now features notation and drum editors.
  • Practice mode to use software instrument, guitar amps etc. without recording them.
  • Pianoroll/notation editors: lasso shows name of lassoed chord, if any.
  • Dragging audio/MIDI between tracks now snaps to the original position if you're close.
  • "Export MIDI Tracks" can optionally include lyrics and/or markers in the MIDI file.
  • Number of first bar can be -9..1, allowing for various numbers of count-in bars.
  • Audio and Pianoroll editors can zoom vertically.
  • Editors: mouse pointer behaves more in line with Windows standards (when dragging, etc.).
  • Editors can do standard Windows style "click at start, Ctrl-click at end" selecting.
  • Effects can be bypassed quickly by clicking the slot while keeping the B key down.
  • Tuner effect redesigned for better visibility from a distance. New per-note offsets let you create custom tunings.
  • Tested on Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bits).

  • Add Click Track: "Accent on Beat One" is now "Bar Accents", and does a bit more to make the click track sound more pleasing.
  • Time signatures can be typed instead of using the up/down buttons.
  • "Extract temp from track": beats can represent 3/8, 7/8 etc. (not just 1/8, 1/4 etc.).
  • Drum editor: notes appear like diamond shapes.
  • Drum editor: "select similar notes" can now work on selected notes only.
  • Multi MIDI Editor (pianoroll): notes of active track appear in front, this makes editing overlapping notes easier.
  • Multi MIDI Editor: up/down arrows scroll the editor vertically.
  • "Delay before recording" window remembers time value.
  • "BPM Tapper" now works with mouse.
  • Clicking an empty effect slot pops up selector (even if you didn't click the down arrow).
  • Various other minor improvements.

  • MIDI editor scrubber works better when zoomed out by a large amount (Pro Plus edition only).
  • 'Revert to Version' is more robust.
  • A couple of other fixes.

Pricing & Availability
The new version is available free of charge for users who purchased the program after May 1, 2008. Older versions can be upgraded for $39 (Pro Plus) / $23 (Professional).
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